Yatindra Singh Sisodia
29The political processes in tribal areas have resulted into increased tribal participation in politics. The politicization of the tribals is an extension of the democratic process in the country. Now, the tribals are developing a concern for both output and input processes of the Indian political system. They are taking active interest in the framing of political issues at local level and trying to evolve a participant political culture. Even the level of political consciousness of an average tribal is on the increase. With increasing political consciousness, tribals are becoming more aware about the development process and its impact on their socio-economic status. This has also influenced their attitudes and lifestyle.
The book is a humble attempt in this direction. It offers a micro-level analysis of the empirical data regarding socio-economic status and political consciousness of the tribals of Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh, which is characterized as one of those predominantly tribal districts of the country where maximum developmental intervention can be seen.
The book will prove useful for academicians, educationists, administrators, policy makers and all those having interest in the tribal studies.