Yatindra Singh Sisodia
12The last one decade has a special significance from the point of view of two major paradigm shifts in the whole schema of rural development: one, the initiation of economic reforms and two, decentralised governance. It is under serious debate that whether the global vis-à-vis the local is contradictory or complementary to each other and also can these two co-exist amicably. There are major reshuffles in policies, programmes and strategies of rural development over the last one decade. The changes in rural areas are discernible in many ways.
The volume is an attempt to identify, document and comprehend the broad trends emanating across the states. It is important to understand and analyse the process and direction of pace and pattern of the present paradigm shift, which would have a significant impact and critical lessons for charting out the future course of action for effective people-centric rural development across the country.
Besides a crisp introduction by the editor in the beginning, the book is thematically divided into five parts, viz., Changing Patterns, Perspectives and Paradigms of Rural Development; Changing Policies, Strategies and Programmes of Poverty Alleviation; Scenario of Employment Generation in Rural India; Decentralised Governance and Responsive Administration; and Development, Deprivation and Environment. The book promises to be a valuable reference for all concerned – researchers, bureaucrats, policy makers, planners and those concerned with the development of rural India. Experiment of Direct Democracy: