The institute is governed by (a) General body, (b) Governing Body, (c) Research and Academic Committee, (d) Finance and Administration Committee. The Governing body is the highest decision-making body consisting of reputed social scientists, government officials and representatives from faculty of the institute.


1. Professor Nalini Rewadikar President
2. Professor Gopal Krishna Sharma Vice President
3. Dr. Usha Shrivastava Secretary
4. Dr. Mamta Rani Sharma Treasurer
5. Dr. V. D. Sharma Joint Secretary
6. Professor  Santishree Dhulipadi Pandit Member, ICSSR, Nominee
7. Member Secretary ICSSR Member Ex-officio
8. Secretary Higher Education, Govt. of M.P Member Ex-officio
9. Secretary Finance, Govt. of M.P. Member Ex-officio
10. Professor Rekha Acharya Member (M. P. Govt. Nominee)
11. Professor Asha Shukla Member (Governing Body Nominee)
12. Professor Rameshwar Mishra Pankaj Member (Governing Body Nominee)
13. Professor Yatindra Singh Sisodia Member Ex-officio (Director, MPISSR)
14. Dr. Ashish Bhatt Member (Faculty Representative)